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In an installation of new and recent works at the Philadelphia Art Alliance (PAA), Robyn Weatherley explores intangible remnants. She addresses concepts of passage, transition, and residual memory in relation to body, psyche and environment. Her imagined vestiges contemplate our unconscious and often invisible interactions with the world. From the seemingly mundane act of breathing to the emotional residues that may be left behind in the wake of a psychological experience, she aims to make visible some of what lies beyond the reaches of our ordinary senses. Her works range from a large installation of individual breaths captured in glass set adrift in delicate boats to works constructed through the meticulous build up and layering of very thin fragile shards of blown glass.

Weatherley approaches her works through the use of multiple techniques and processes in glass and mixed media. She focuses on glass as a material for its historical and conceptual relationship with perceptual devices such as lenses, windows and mirrors. Her use of blown and flame worked glass reflects the integral role the body, specifically the breath, plays in the creation of her work.